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Who’s afraid of photographers?

Who's afraid of photographers? That will be the question under discussion at a seminar organised by the NUJ at the House of Commons on Thursday, 28 October.

The persistent problem of police hindrance of photographers will be examined, as will the wider issue of encroaching privacy law.

Working photographers and specialist solicitors will speak and there will be ample opportunity for questions from the floor.

The event is being organised by the NUJ's Freelance Office with the support of Don Foster, MP.

Said Freelance Organiser, John Toner: "In recent years society has become increasingly suspicious of anyone holding a camera.

"A series of rulings on privacy has made life more difficult for photographers and encounters with irate members of the public are on the increase.

"We have recorded many instances of police officers who believe they can dictate what is or is not filmed and several cases of officers who believe they have a right to seize cameras on a whim.

"We want to discuss how these various issues can be combatted."

Places will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, and anyone interested should contact John Toner, Freelance Organiser

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