Correction: ALCS is not (yet) distributing money from Germany. It is distributing money from Australia.

ALCS - free money! Claim now!

Those of you who are members of the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) - it distributes money to authors for licences for re-uses such as photocopying in university libraries - should recently have received a statement of the latest "distribution" of royalties due to them under this scheme. Photocopying is in decline these days, but a small but increasing proportion of the royalties ALCS distributes is from newer uses like scanning and digitising of content for internal use by "corporates".

Annual payouts via ALCS approaching four figures (after commission) are not unusual for LFB members. At least one music journalist we know of has already received some money via ALCS from a brand new source - licensing for re-use of articles in UK newspapers in Belgium and Germany Australia. Revenues from re-use of UK newspapers in Denmark will also shortly start coming the way of some ACLS members whose work has been copied or otherwise re-used in Denmark.

New agreements for licensing of works in other countries are expected to follow, so if you're a writer and you haven't already signed up to ALCS, do so now. Its website has instructions on how to claim for articles you've had published in the last three years and for which you retain rights, and for books. (Photographers can claim for photocopying and other re-uses of their images from DACS.)

ALCS executive director Owen Atkinson has told the Freelance that a new, much more detailed database of its members' revenues is being tested now, and that the ALCS "distribution" for members in September 2011 will have much more detail on where the money has come from, in contrast to the currently somewhat confusing statements ALCS members receive.

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