ALCS membership free for NUJ members

ALCS - the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society - has confirmed that membership will be free to NUJ members from now on. NUJ members will no longer have to pay the ALCS lifetime fee of £25.

ALCS distributes money to authors for licences for a range of re-uses such as photocopying in university libraries. Annual payouts via ALCS approaching four figures (after commission) are not unusual for LFB members who have signed up to ALCS.

New agreements for licensing of works such as UK newspaper articles copied in other countries means that ALCS members are receiving money from new streams such as Denmark and, more recently, Australia. (Sorry, not yet for UK newspaper articles copied in Germany, as incorrectly reported in the March Freelance.) See here for more on signing up and claiming for works you've had published.

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