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Police powers of arrest, detention and seizure for journalists

What every NUJ member needs to know

THE NUJ and law firm Bindmans are holding a seminar - for NUJ members only and free to them - on police powers of arrest, detention and seizure.

It's on Thursday 17 November at Bindmans' offices from 5.20 pm to 7.10 pm and will explore the issues surrounding "a free press" and the protection afforded to journalists in relation to the criminal justice system. It will offer practical guidance on police powers and investigations. Solicitors Martin Rackstraw and Chez Cotton will discuss the relevant criminal law and civil law, chaired by Najma Rasul.

The seminar will examine:

  • Relevant legislation and recent changes;
  • Police powers of arrest and detention and search and seizure;
  • The investigation process, including police interviews under caution; and
  • Civil claims against the police

Again, this is for NUJ members only. The booking form is available at the link below.

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