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Vacancies on NUJ Industrial Councils

THERE ARE vacancies on the NUJ's Freelance Industrial Council - the elected body that helps formulate and carry out the Union's policies. Most seats on these Councils are reserved for a particular demographic or geographical area. For more on the work of the Industrial Councils, see here.

Candidates will need to seek nomination from an NUJ Branch (not necessarily their own) in plenty of time for that Branch to send in nomination papers by post to the NUJ's Headland House HQ - to arrive by 27 February. If you're seeking the nomination of LFB, please contact the Branch Secretary - doing so before or during the LFB meeting on Monday 13 February would be even better.

Demographic groups are self-defining, but you need to make sure that the NUJ's Membership Department have you recorded as belonging to that group (and also being a freelance as well). See here for advice on how to ensure this.

There are also vacancies on the following Councils and Industrial Councils:

  • National Executive Council - Midlands (of England) seat;
  • Ethics Council - Continental Europe seat;
  • Scottish Executive Council - Black Members, broadcasting, National Newspapers and Agencies, West of Scotland Freelance and several geographical seats within Scotland;
  • Welsh Executive Council - Black Members, New Media, BBC Wales, Chester, Herefordshire and Shropshire;
  • Broadcasting Industrial Council - Commercial Radio, Disabled Members and Equality;
  • Continental Europe Council - Brussels;
  • Magazine And Book Industrial Council - books in London, magazines in London, magazine and Books outside London, Disabled Members and Equality;
  • Newspapers And Agencies Industrial Council - East Anglia, Midlands, Northern Ireland, South West, Wales and Merseyside, Black Members, Disabled Members and Equality;
  • New Media Industrial Council - Midlands, North East, South East, Wales, Black Members, Disabled Members and Equality;
  • Public Relations and Information - Midlands, North West, Black Members and Disabled Members.

More details from campaigns@nuj.org.uk

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