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Rhinegold gets star

NUJ intervention has resulted in much improved contract terms with a magazine publisher.

Rhinegold Publishing had issued terms and conditions that required freelance contributors to assign their copyright and waive their moral rights. There was also a clause requiring the freelance to obtain assignment of rights in any interview from the interviewee.

The Freelance Office wrote to Rhinegold, who specialise in magazines covering music , the arts and education. After some discussion the company agreed to amend its agreement. The assignment of copyright has been dropped in favour of an exclusive 12-month licence followed by a non-exclusive licence. There is no longer a moral rights waiver. The clause on interviews has been much improved.

Freelance Organiser John Toner comments: "Rhinegold has listened to our reasonable arguments. The agreement is not ideal, but it is much improved from the original. If other publishers would adopt the same attitude as Rhinegold freelances would be in a much better position."

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