LFB at May Day - End Unpaid Work!

LONDON Freelance Branch members went on a leafleting expedition through the streets of London on the occasion of May Day, to publicise the Cashback for Interns campagin and the fact that unpaid work is in many cases illegal. (See the Branch's May Day call-out here.) We hadn't realised quite how small midweek May Day marches had become - obscure Communist parties almost outnumbered trade unionists.

LFB members with the Branch banner

LFB members at the May Day march

We distributed 500 of our "End Unpaid Work!" leaflets, mostly to generally sympathetic passers-by, including one who'd just finished a paid internship. The struggle against unpaid work was a theme of this Mayday, with UKUncut and other groups joining the march to protest against West End retailers recently implicated in "workfare" schemes that carried with them the threat of withdrawn unemployment benefits.

NUJ President Donnacah DeLong (standing in for General Secretary Michelle Stanistreet) addressed a rally in Trafalgar Square, announcing to considerable applause that the NUJ was back at Wapping, with a new NUJ Chapel having recently started there. Curiously, an orderly queue of professional and amateur photographers formed, wanting to take photos of LFB's relatively unspectacular banner. It turned out that we and our banner were positioned right in the middle of the Square, with a nicely "iconic" view of the dome of the National Gallery behind us.

NUJ President Donnacah DeLong speaks to the crowd in Trafalgar Square

NUJ President Donnacah DeLong (centre, in baseball cap) speaks at the Trafalgar Square May Day rally

There's still a few hundred leaflets on the Cashback for Interns Campaign left for distribution, available via the LFB committee or at the Freelance Office.

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