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Making journalism pay - the Belgian edition

THOSE of you considering a midweek Eurostar mini-break to take advantage of the suddenly favourable exchange rate for the Euro may be interested in New Ways to Make Journalism Pay - the Brussels edition on Wednesday 13 June. Inspired by LFB's successful 2010 conference, it's hosted by NUJ Brussels Branch.

The event features journalists from Brussels and Paris who have used the internet to launch new and profitable news services. Speakers include Duncan Lumsden, managing editor and co-founder of market intelligence website MLEX and Hugh Wheelan, managing editor and co-founder of Yes, there is money out there, and you can do it yourself!

The Brussels event is at the Brussels Press Club, Rue Froissart 95, at 6pm. To register, (it's free), email Julian Stares, NUJ Brussels Branch chair.

LFB's own New Ways to Make Journalism Pay - Part Two conference is on Saturday 17 November at the London Welsh Centre/Canolfan Cymry Llundain: early details are here.

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