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Private Eye - does Gnome pay?

Minions of Lord Gnome, the notorious mythical proprietor of Private Eye, a fortnightly satirical magazine, have been heard claiming that the Eye "doesn't pay for tip-offs". The Freelance finds this hard to believe, given how the entire and very successful business model of the Eye is to ensure that for each issue they have at least three tip-offs about accountancy, eight about journalism, one about estate agents and so on, ensuring that accountants, journalists and estate agents and so on have to buy it to find out whether they or we are in it.

The case in question was one where the Eye could legitimately claim to have received many tips about the same story. The Freelance would much appreciate it if you could tip us off about how much you've been paid for tip-offs, by visiting - in the strictest of strict anonymity, of course.

We found that hard to believe; and one rate submitted to the Rate for the Job shows that it is at least sometimes false. Send more, please...

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