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Stiletto bootcamp: Writing for women's glossy magazines - a flexible, online course.

Taught by top national magazine writer Tiffany Wright, this course is suitable for journalists intending to write for women's magazines such as Cosmo, Glamour, Grazia and Marie Claire. The course will suit both first-time journalists or journalists wanting to change their current writing field. Each week you will be asked to complete an assignment which will then be marked by your course tutor. At the end of the course you will have written a full feature and a pitch, that you will be able to pitch to magazines.

Train the trainer - Saturday 10 November 10am to 16.30pm - Friends Meeting House, Euston, London

Many journalists recognise that offering training courses can be a useful way to boost income and raise profile, with courses on everything from media training to PR writing skills to courses on new skills for other journalists. Running a training course isn't just a case of standing up and talking at a few slides, however. This one-day workshop introduces you to the skills necessary to design, run and assess training courses.

Adding a second string to your bow - 14 November 18.00pm to 21.00pm - Friends Meeting House, Euston, London

An evening course to guide freelance journalists through expanding their skills into areas such as corporate copywriting, PR and paid public speaking.

Times are tough for freelance journalists, with increasing numbers of writers chasing a decreasing number of commissions, leaving many facing a reduced income. This intensive training course examines ways to boost your income by developing a 'second string to your bow', developing and selling other services alongside writing.

Out of thin air: how to find hundreds of new ideas every day - 15 November 18.15pm to 21.15pm - Friends Meeting House, Euston, London

When it comes to journalism, coming up with ideas should be the easy part, but many editors and journalists struggle to come up with fresh, relevant ideas day after day. This evening course looks at the many ways to find inspiration for new ideas, and how to work out which publication they might work best for.

Online video Journalism - 21 November 10am to 17.00pm - The Tomlinson Centre, Haggerston, London

In this intensive one-day workshop you'll be introduced to video in all its shapes and sizes and see examples of the best digital storytelling on the web. You'll be introduced to the equipment you need and how to get professional results, regardless of your budget. Most of all, you'll discover how to find stories for video, how to tell them in the most visual way and craft a compelling narrative, using advanced storytelling techniques.

Essential Twitter Skills - 22 November 9.30am to 13.00pm - Royal Society of Medicine, London

This course is aimed at journalists, editors, writers and producers who really want to get to grips with the fundamentals of using Twitter successfully.

Advanced Twitter - 22 November 14.00pm to 17.30pm - Royal Society of Medicine, London

This course is aimed at journalists, editors, writers and producers who need to follow multiple streams of information and use Twitter in more creative ways.

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