A fair deal for creators

THE EUROPEAN Parliament has approved a report which stresses the rights of authors and performers. Formally, it responds to a policy paper from the Commission, the EU's civil service, "on the online distribution of audiovisual works" - but the priciples it supports are important to all creators, including writers and photographers. Among many other things it calls for:

  • the development of new solutions... such as... micropayments, and of systems facilitating direct payments to creators;
  • the bargaining position of authors and performers vis-à-vis producers to be rebalanced by providing authors and performers with an unwaivable right to remuneration for all forms of exploitation of their works; and, most notably,
  • [recognition that] it is essential to guarantee authors and performers remuneration that is fair and proportional to all forms of exploitation of their works, especially online exploitation, and therefore calls upon the Member States to ban buyout contracts, which contradict this principle.

This is, it is true, merely an expression of the Parliament's opinion. We await the Commission's poilcy response with interest. Meanwhile, the European Federation of Journalists asks you to sign the petition for a fair deal for creators at www.change.org/petitions/fair-trade-for-creators and spread the word about it.


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