Ballot for NEC London seat

and Industrial Councils vacancies

BALLOTS for the election to fill a vacant London seat on the Union's National Executive Council (NEC) will be sent out by post to eligible NUJ members (those with a London postcode) on 9 October and should arrive not long after that. If your ballot and accompanying information don't arrive, contact Completed ballots need to be posted back to arrive by 6 November. There's more on the work of the NEC on the members only area of the NUJ website (have your log-in and password ready).

There are also vacancies for the following NUJ Industrial Councils: Ethics Council (national newspapers constituency), Magazines and Books Industrial Council (books in London, magazines in London, Disabled Members, and Equality constituencies) New Media Industrial Council (South East and Equality constituencies), Newspapers and Agencies Industrial Council (London and South East, Black Members, Disabled Members, and Equality constituencies) and Broadcasting Industrial council (Disabled seat).

Candidates for Industrial Council seats need to be nominated by an NUJ Branch (not necessarily their own), if you seek the nomination of LFB, contact the Branch Secretary, in plenty of time for signed and counter-signed nomination papers to arrive at NUJ HQ by the 16 November deadline. Letting the Branch Secretary know of your interest in time for the forthcoming LFB meetings on 8 October or 12 November would be even better.

Geographical seats on Industrial Councils are based on your postcode. Some seats are reserved for a particular demographic (Black Members, Disabled) which is self-defining, but before you seek nomination for one of these, please contact the Union's Membership Department to ensure that they have you recorded as belonging to that demographic (and as a freelance as well).

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