Getting Started as a Freelance

THE POPULAR Getting Started as a Freelance course will return on Friday 16 November. The companion Pitch & Deal course will be rerunning, too, early in the new year on Friday 18 January.

General Secretary Michelle Stanistreet recently met LFB member and Getting Started tutor Humphrey Evans, national freelance organiser John Toner and assistant organiser Pamela Morton: she said that she is firmly behind keeping the two courses running.

She plans for the actual arrangements to be carried out by the General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU), which is also based in Headland House, the NUJ head office. The GFTU has already been charged with running the NUJ's trade union courses, teaching people the ins and outs of representing members in workplaces, and will be taking on the arrangements for handling the professional skills courses once plans have been made for how to deliver them.

The two courses for freelances, Getting Started and P&D, can be seen as more akin to trade union courses than professional skills courses as they help people understand how to represent themselves in negotiations and the like where no collective NUJ representation is possible.

The charges for the two courses will be:

Course NUJ members non-members students
£60 £110 £40
£70 £130 £60

Those charges for members are heftily reduced from previous prices, in line with the view that the two courses lie within the trade union family of courses and should therefore be made as accessible as possible.

To book on to the courses, email

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