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Disappearing freelance work

A renewed appeal for information

JUST HOW much freelance work is disappearing? Adam Christie, job-share NUJ Vice-President elect and member of the Freelance Industrial Council, is compiling an updated version of a report on rates being cut and work no longer being commissioned, and where that work is going to if it's no longer being offered to freelances.

Previous versions of this report on disappearing work have been used to inform NUJ policy on how to support freelances, and as evidence to use in the Union's continuing campaign against media industry cutbacks. For details of the sort of information we need, see our earlier, more detailed appeals for the 2010 survey and the 2011 survey.

Please email details of work that's dried up or been taken away from freelances and given to staffers, and falling rates. Sources will remain confidential, as will titles and outlets if you indicate. Send data by email to with "Disappearing freelance work" in the subject line. This should arrive by 17 November

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