The Gong - Accounts Dept. with no contact number

This month's Gong - a wake-up call to late-paying clients - goes to the Accounts Department of a media outlet that will have to remain nameless. In mid-December they rang a freelance who'd been chasing them for two months, and left a voicemail message saying that if the freelance rang back with their bank details within the next 10 minutes, she would get paid that day.

Of course, the Accounts Dept. didn't leave their number. So the NUJ member to whom they owed money emailed a response. Accounts replied that the were afraid that the periodical payment run (the last one before Christmas) had already gone through, and that they couldn't wait for the freelance's details to make the payments.

We are pleased to report that as of the second week of January, she has been paid.

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