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‘Educational use’ Gangum style!

THE ECONOMIST magazine has filed a case with the prosecutor's office in Seoul, Korea, over alleged illegal use of 54 articles by a private sector language school teaching English in the Gangum district of the capital, Seoul.

The case came to light in January, when police interviewed the manager of the language school (not named) and revealed they'd interviewed the paper's lawyers in Korea in December. Court papers submitted by the Economist - which is seeking over £500,000 in damages - include photos of an anthology of articles sold to students of the school as practice material with a cover price and videos of the school's CEO boasting about how much money the school chain makes.

It looks to the Freelance as though this evidence was submitted in an attempt to knock on the head any "exceptions for educational use" the school may try to claim. Attacks on copyright using the pretext of "exceptions for educational use" are increasing globally. A member of staff at the school admitted using the Economist material, but said this was common practice among language schools in Korea.

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