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‘Dirty deal’ and defamation

THE NUJ has condemned the government for doing a 'dirty deal' with right-wing newspaper owners on press regulation, sidestepping the recommendations of the Leveson Inquiry: see the statement via this link.

Meanwhile, Lord Puttnam attempted to rush on with a full implementation of the Inquiry recommendations, through an amendment to the Defamation Bill, which was passed in the House of Lords.

This led David Cameron, a Prime Minister, to threaten to drop the entire Bill. Though far from perfect, the Defamation Bill would go some way to reducing the evilness of the UK's defamation laws. One observer, who may be a friend of a co-editor, describes Cameron's threat as "a petulant strop".

As we go to press the situation may have been repaired by an amendment to the amendment, proposed by Lord Fowler with Puttnam's support, making it clear that, no, Daily Mail copy would not have to be submitted to a Leninist Commissar before publication. (Though ... no, slap hand.)

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