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The NUJ presents: Game Over?

HOW CAN journalists make a living from or in the digital games industry? Writing about games, or writing for games: how does it work? The NUJ presents: Game Over?

The event is on Thursday 18 April from 7pm to 9:30pm at the Innovation Warehouse. 1 East Poultry Ave, London EC1A 9PT (nearest tubes, Farringdon, Barbican, St Pauls) - then a local hostelry.

It's free to NUJ members, people who join the NUJ on the day and £5 to others: but all must book to attend.

The sessions are:

  1. How To Make Money Playing Video Games with:
    • Will Porter, ex PC Zone, now doing consultancy work, running Hookshot and game writing;
    • Lewis Denby. operations manager at Beefack; and
    • Dan Griliopoulos, ex PR turned full-time freelance.
    The session will address the question: is it actually possible to make money out of writing about games? Speakers will talk about the various things they have found that have worked. Is it possible to make money freelancing? How? What are the pros and cons of a staff job vs freelancing? PR vs writing? What's all this "consultancy" that I hear about? How can I make loads of money just talking about games?
  2. How Video Game Journalism Has Changed with Steve Boxer from the Guardian: from the humble beginning as photocopied fanzines and mags with 3.5inch demo discs, through to today's live blogging of events like E3, the explosion of the modern day fanzine-equivalent blogs; and more.
  3. Games scriptwriting with a panel of game scriptwriters including:
    • Rhianna Pratchett, who just finished working on the Tomb Raider reboot;
    • Ed Stern, who is in-house with Splash Damage; and
    • Andy Walsh, who's written tons of games such as Prince of Persia.
    The panellists will talk about another niche writers can get into: how they did that and what it's like?

Come back for details of further speakers and any changes due to the ironclad rule that stuff happens.

Food and drink will be provided.

To book tickets and for more information, see

The event's Facebook page, where you can see who else has told Facebook they're attending, is here. (Nota Bene: you must go to the Eventbrite page to sign up. This is not a Facebook app.)

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