Protecting the contents of your computer is the technology equivalent of home contents insurance. And is offering its basic service at half price to NUJ members.

The Service:

Our service protects an individual's data in the event of computer virus, hard drive failure, damage, fire, flood, theft or human error.

Personal computers tend to be filled with work, important documents, family pictures, music collections and home movies. This data can be priceless and isn't something you'd want to lose. So why do people insure their computer and not safeguard the irreplaceable contents stored on it?

We've run focus groups, to which we've had very positive feedback. All answered the question "Which would cause most inconvenience to you: losing your laptop or the content within it?" with the latter, as the content is the most important thing they own/have, as it simply cannot be replaced. Contents insurance doesn't cover this, our service does.

BackupBod Backup automatically uploads encrypted content to the cloud. The software mirrors a computer and makes an exact copy of its files online. If someone modifies a file on their desktop the software will automatically replace the old version in the cloud. If they delete an unneeded document, BackupBod will delete the file on the cloud. If they accidentally delete a file from their computer they can go to the cloud and restore it (this option is available up to 30 days after the file has been deleted) or the last 30 backups.

BackupBod cloud backup automatically saves someone's files to the cloud and then allows them to download them back to any other PC, this gives peace of mind that they'll never lose their files.

As the population becomes more data-reliant, subscribing to a backup service will become the norm.

Data Access:

A high percentage of our data is stored on our PCs however most of us spend a considerable amount of time using our phones and tablets. With BackupBod you can store all of your files on the cloud and then access them from any device at any time. You can also stream video and music files directly to an iPad or Android tablet using our BackupBod apps. Of course this can be from anywhere with an internet connection.

You can play files saved on BackupBod through a TV. In the past few years there has been an increase in smart TVs, interactive TV boxes (such as Apple TV & Boxee), and game consoles with internet connections. If a device has a web browser you could go to and login to an account. You should then be able to stream TV Shows, Films and music to your TV. Please note: BackupBod file streaming is not supported by all TV web browsers and will require flash or html 5 to function.

Technology - The Statistics:

A high percentage of Hard Disk Drives only last 5 years and if they break you could lose all your irreplaceable files (1 in every 20 hard drives breaks each year and most hard drives last less than 5 years - Google Hard drive survey).

Recent studies suggest that more than 14.7 million Americans and 2.8 million Brits lose data every year. Sometimes this is due to computer issues such as a broken hard drive or a virus, other times people simply delete the wrong file. These stats show how easy it is to lose cherished pictures from your home computer or important documents from your work PC and in most cases it is impossible to get them back.


Data stored in the BackupBod Cloud is held on multiple storage servers at data centres in the UK ensuring data is fully protected. Our Storage Partners network is protected by enterprise-grade firewalls. The files stored on our servers are encrypted, using military grade, AES-256 encryption, no one has access to them apart from the customer via their web portal with username and password.

It's fully automated, so once set up (which is extremely easy) it backs up every 20 minutes (or in real time if required), also holding the last 30 backup at all times. Once the initial backup has taken place the software periodically looks for and saves incremental changes.

The competition:

For Unlimited Backup:

BackupBod £3.99 per month
Backblaze $5 per month
Mozy £7.99 per month
Carbonite $59 per annum
Google $49.99 per month
Livedrive £26.66 per month
Dropbox Not offered
Justcloud £12.95 per month

The Offer:

Unlimited backup:

We offer NUJ members a 50% discount - £1.99 per month for unlimited, fully automated backup.

See the printed Freelance for the offer code or contact the Freelance Office if you haven't received it.

A 50% discount on our base package (so £1.99 per month for unlimited data backup) offers excellent value for money and peace of mind in the event of computer hardware failure, loss or damage of whatever kind. There's no commitment, contract or minimum duration.


We can offer our DataAnywhere package exclusively to the NUJ for £4.99 rather than its current £8.99. This service enables a user to access and edit all of their files from any internet connected PC or device, also syncing between enabled computers via a shared drive, perfect for an internationally travelling journalist. It would also hold files indefinitely therefore would satisfy (in the very unlikely event that a subscriber didn't have access to the internet for a period of 30 days) if someone wanted to archive as well as copy, protect and backup on going work.


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