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International call on unfair contracts

TO MARK World Copyright Day on Tuesday 23 April, the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and its European group, the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), are launching a campaign to fight against unfair contracts.

Fair contract - Quality journalism guarantee
IFJ/EFJ have called on their affiliates to launch a global fight back against rights-grabbing contracts that demand journalists to assign their authors' rights to publishers.

"Fair contracts are the guarantee for high quality and ethical journalism," says IFJ President Jim Boumelha. "However, the spread of buy-out contracts strongly impacts on the quality of journalism as well as the livelihood of journalists."

"We were appalled by the extent of unfair contractual practices in the media industry," said outgoing Arne König, EFJ President. "Media organisations asked journalists, particularly freelancers, to assign their exclusive rights for multiple use of their works for small one-off payments."

The IFJ has called on over 170 national affiliates to collect rights-grabbing contracts and share such samples to illustrate the case and put pressure on national legislators to end the unfair contractual practices. Journalists' unions are also being encouraged to sign the Fair Trade for Creators petition.

The full statement is at www.ifj.org/en/articles/ifj-efj-call-for-global-fight-back-against-unfair-contracts

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