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New courses for freelances

THE FEDERATION of Entertainment Unions has launched a new programme of free workshops for freelances this spring and summer.

The first is on "Negotiation for freelances" and takes place in London on Thursday 23 May and in Birmingham on Thursday 30 May.

As the organisers note, negotiation is an essential skill for a freelance to master. Whether you are negotiating day rates or defined packages of work, it's important to learn to represent yourself clearly and effectively with the aim of agreeing terms that you and your client are happy with. This workshop will give you tools and tips for planning, preparing and conducting negotiations in a business like way. It will offer you insights into styles and processes that can help improve your effectiveness for future negotiations.

You need to book nine days before each event - that is, by Tuesday 14 May or Tuesday 21 May respectively: to do so, follow the link below.

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