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‘Work-to-rule’ defined

THE FREEELANCE has been casting around for a snappy definition of a ‘work-to-rule’ - a form of industrial action short of a complete withdrawal of labour. We formed a suspicion that there might be readers who had not encountered term.

So we are grateful to the editor and workers of the NT News from Darwin, NT, Australia, for this:

Photo of a page of the NT News

In place of a story, we see:

This story did not get published because the journalist hadn't finished it at 5.30pm and went home as per their contract agreement - editor

We have no evidence there was an industrial dispute. But the principle is neatly illustrated. Often, journalists will go the extra kilometre (unless we have a child to collect from playgroup, or something). Under a work-to-rule: not a millimetre.

Now we just have to make up our minds whether work-to-rule is always hyphenated.

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