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THE UK government on Friday (21 June) released its latest round of proposals for extending the "exceptions" to copyright - the conditions under which your work can be used without permission or payment.

The government has now released seven proposals, relating to:

  1. New Exception for Private Copying
  2. New Exception for Parody
  3. New Exception for Quotation
  4. Amendments to Exception for Public Administration
  5. New Exception for Data Analysis for Non-commercial Research
  6. Amendments to Exceptions for Education
  7. Amendments to Exceptions for Research, Libraries and Archives

The proposed changes can be seen at the link below. The NUJ is analysing the proposals and will be strenuously resisting those that harm creators, including journalists.

Of most concern are the "private copying" and educational exceptions. The proposal on "private copying" is that it be legitimised - a good thing - without the "fair compensation" mandated in EU law - a bad thing. The education proposal is too subtle for its own good and we are consulting on its impact.

The deadline for responses to the first four proposals above is 17 July. The government has announced that it will take note only of responses to the narrow questions in the documents linked below - which, essentially, ask whether the proposals accurately reflect the policy already set out in the document Modernising Copyright. The NUJ, like other organisations representing creators and publishers, is already reiterating its continuing objection to large parts of that policy through other channels.

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