Your Branch needs you!

LONDON Freelance Branch currently has vacancies for a Branch Secretary and for a Membership Secretary.

The work of the Branch Secretary includes writing up and circulating the minutes of meetings (usually taken by somebody else, see below), following up on matters arising and liaising with the venue management on hiring a space for meetings.

The Membership Secretary's responsibilities include welcoming new members in the brief new members' spot immediately before meetings. There's also some admin on membership applications and input into organising occasional New Members' Meetings.

We expect Committee members to commit to turning up to most LFB Committee meetings, which are from 6.30-8.30 at the NUJ King's Cross HQ on the third Monday of each month.

Jobshares in both the Branch Secretary and Membership Secretary roles are encouraged. If you are considering standing for one of these roles, get in touch a member of the Committee. There's a list of LFB Committee members online (with vacancies) at

Elections for vacant posts will be held at the September LFB meeting on Monday 9 September.

Geraldine Hackett is kindly handling minute-taking at Branch meetings, but we need more volunteer minute-takers. LFB can arrange a free course in minute-taking.

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