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NUJ website rebooted

The website of the NUJ, (separate to this website, which is has been extensively updated. The search engine is much improved, and new features behind the members-only log in include being able to update your membership details online, including letting the Union's Membership Department know you are identifying yourself with a particular demographic (Black Members, disabled, photographer, worker in new media, etc,) which you'll need to do if you're seeking nomination for some of the Union's Industrial Councils.

The Freelance understands that the plan is for all members to receive an email some time soon, asking them to check their details and update them. All the more reason to update the Membership Department of your details now.

If you have a log-in user name and password for, that no longer seems to work. However, as we go to press, the NUJ has just emailed all its members to give them their new log-ins. That's assuming they've got an email for you and it's the the one you're still using - now's the time to update the NUJ of your details via

If you had an NUJ website old-style log in and haven't yet received a new one, send the email associated with that old log-in to the reminder page, it should send you a new log-in name and password.

Non-members will be now able to apply to join online via the, but we are assured that the process of joining will still involve NUJ's head office sending applications for scrutiny by the Branch before candidates are accepted as members. The link to forward to colleagues you're trying to recruit is

The NUJ website also has a page of resources for freelances at here, this includes a link to the Freelance Directory.

We'll update readers on any new features of of which freelances in particular need to be aware, once we've had a long look at the new-style site ourselves.

Meanwhile, existing pages on the site have had their old file names updated. These used to feature the string "innerpageNUJ" and then a stream of gibberish, and the file names used to change as they moved around. The file names have now updated to reflect the actual theme of the story (for example,

These means the LFB website's own NUJ Links page is being updated, please help us by telling where some of the old pages have migrated to if you come across any of them. (Many of the old pages seem to divert to their new equivalent already.)

Bear in mind that updating the NUJ membership department and updating the Freelance of your details are completely different actions. Updating your details with one of them does not update the other. (Update the Freelance via

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