Save Justice UK - enter a competition!

SAVE JUSTICE UK has lauched a competition as part of its campaign to help try and save legal aid. They will be organising a postcard campaign to raise awareness about the legal aid changes among community groups and the public. They are going to try to put pressure on the Lib Dems to come to their senses about all this.

This will involve designing a postcard, printing thousands and attending as many events across the country as they can to inform people and to persuade them to sign up and send a postcard to Nick Clegg asking him to stand up for his party's values.

To this end, they are calling for submissions for a visual image, photo or design for the postcard. The idea of the national competition is also to attract a bit of interest in the campaign in advance too. Their loose brief for the campaign is on their blog at The deadline is 13:00 on Wednesday 21 August 2013.

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