Claim by 31 October for photos in UK books, magazines or on TV

Visual artists whose work has appeared in UK books, magazines or on TV can claim their share of over £4 million in Payback royalties from DACS, by filling in an online claim form by midnight on Thursday 31 October 2013.

DACS's annual Payback service is open to visual artists for all types of published artwork, from fine art and photography to design and illustration.

If your work has ever appeared in a UK book, magazine or TV programme, you're probably eligible for Payback royalties. Last year, over 15,000 visual artists received Payback royalties for photocopies and scans of publications, as well as recordings and repeat broadcasts of TV programmes where their work has featured. The average royalty payment was £235 and the highest was £6,800. Everyone who makes a successful claim is guaranteed a minimum of £25.

Are you a visual artist with copyright protected artworks? Has your work ever featured in a UK book, magazine or TV programme? Can you give examples, with evidence? Then DACS can pay you the royalties they’ve collected for. For more information about Payback, see here.

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