Infringer offers £150, pays £20,000

DAYBROOK HOUSE Promotions Ltd, which runs Nottingham's Rock City music venue and club, made unauthorised used of a photo of pop stars Ke$Ha and LMFAO cavorting backstage. The photo had been taken by Jason Sheldon, who had obtained exclusive access to go backstage and photograph them.

When it came to court, Sheldon was able to show the judge five-figure sums quoted for licences of this exclusive photo to agencies including Rex Features and Getty.

Daybrook had originally offered Jason £150 in settlement after he pointed out their unauthorised use of his very exclusive photo in a montage on their website and on flyers. It turned out that Daybrook had in fact used the image much more widely than they had disclosed to Jason. Following hearings before His Honour Judge Birss in May, Daybrook agreed to pay Jason £20,000.

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