Tell us how work’s going...
and about contracts being imposed on you

THE NEW survey of NUJ freelance members is imminent as we go to press. It's an important effort to gather information about how the world of freelance work is developing - and about the wellbeing of freelances.

We strongly encourage you to take a few minutes to complete it. Watch your inbox for news - and if for some reason you don't see any, revisit this story for an update.

The Freelance is particularly keen that you fill in details of unfair or coercive contracts that you've been "offered" by publishers, broadcasters or whatever.

Even more important is gathering details of any cases in which one has said in writing that such a contract is non-negotiable or that you won't work for them unless you sign it. Cases in which you're "asked" to agree to a contract only after you've done the work are significant, too.

This is essential to your union's efforts to raise in Westminster and in Brussels the issue of unfair contracts being imposed on you.

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