Defend journalists in Turkey, Ukraine, Eastern Europe

AT LEAST 59 journalists are in prison in Turkey, most under the anti-terrorism law. The European Federation of Journalists wants you to support an urgent appeal against life sentences given to Turkish journalists Füsun Erdogan, Ziya Ulusoy, Bayram Namaz, and Ibrahim Cicek in November. They were condemned to 3000 years' imprisonment under anti-terrorism laws. They were all accused of membership of a Marxist organisation (MLKP) outlawed by the Turkish government. See the link below.

Journalists demonstrate in Kiev © Mike Holderness
We think this is "International day to end impunity" in Armenian...

Meanwhile in Ukraine, journalists from former Soviet states met in Kiev in November to discuss safety issues and an end to effective legal impunity for those who detain, harm and kill journalists. The banner above says (we hope) something like "International day to end impunity" in the Armenian language.

Journalists demonstrate in Kiev © Mike Holderness
... and isn't this "International day to end impunity" in Georgian?

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