Lost in the Mail, and found

THE MAIL Online uses so many pictures, how does it keeps up with all that book-keeping? Sometimes, it doesn't. One photographer eventually managed to make contact with their finance department - often a better idea than editors. The bookkeepers offered £130 for the photo in question.

The photographer was about to accept, but found Alice Taylor's account at bit.ly/mail-in-wonderland of her exchange with the Mail. She asked for £250 to go her preferred charity for use of a picture of a fashion dummy with ridiculously thin legs - already licensed to the Washington Post (bit.ly/post-in-wonderland). That, the Mail said, "far exceeds our budget" - but they used two pictures anyway.

The Mail finally paid £1000 per photo to causes chosen by Alice. Our photographer got an offer of £200 when he queried the £130 - and accepted it.

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