Honouring Mike Holderness

DELEGATE MEETING was also the occasion for Freelance editor Mike Holderness to be made NUJ Member of Honour, for his quarter of century's work for the Union, particularly in the fields of defending copyright and empowering journalists and trade unionists through new technology.

Freelance Industrial Council Chair Tim Dawson listed Mike's many achievements - the LFB website (you're reading it), probably the first of any media union in the UK, if not the world - the Rate for the Job engine, the online Freelance Fees Guide, the Freelance Directory.

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Above, Mike with the Honourable Certificate

When Mike speaks to the World Intellectual Property Organization, said Tim, they "sit up and take notice", such is his expertise. And pro-copyright alliances have been able to influence or mitigate recent UK intellectual property legislation: this has often been due to quiet, patient lobbying by Mike in the House of Lords.

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