Do not work for free

Please can you explain the request in the May Freelance for free photography? entitled "Appeal for photos". I'm absolutely appalled by this!

It is an insult to every NUJ photographer. I cannot see how this can be justified at all... A few pages earlier the "Rate for the job" section analyses various rates paid to Freelancers and "While we regret having no budget etc " just doesn't cut it!

The whole principle of the NUJ is to preserve people being paid for their work and expertise... not expecting free writing or photography.

  • The editors write: We do think there is an important difference between publications produced for profit - or even for vanity - and a Branch newsletter for members. Traditionally, some members have chosen to contribute words and pictures to their Branch as acts of solidarity with fellow members. We apologise if our parody of for-profit papers' pitches caused offence.
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