Perennial complaint

On Page 4 of the May edition of Freelance, Matt Salusbury refers to the "biannual" Delegate Meeting at Eastbourne in April.

He means "biennial" - every other year (Newcastle DM 2012, Motion 84). Biannual means twice a year.

It's one of those things you learn on Day One at the Town Trumpet, along with things like the difference between "continuous" and "continual." Does anyone sub-edit the Freelance?

We're on sticky ground when we preach standards of excellence if sloppy work characterises our own publications.

  • Matt Salusbury writes: Oops! I appear to have been inspired by a misprint on a seed packet of what should have been "biennial" plants. I stand corrected. It is indeed a "biennial" Delegate Meeting. The thought of a DM twice a year is truly a disturbing one.
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