No link offence

Meanwhile in Luxembourg, the Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled that viewing a copyright infringement on-screen does not create a liability - only the person or company who put it online can be sued.

The case Newspaper Licensing Agency versus Meltwater comes back to the UK courts for settlement.

Meltwater is a Dutch company that sells PR companies access to lists of newspaper clippings - currently distributed in email. Meltwater pays a licence fee for this to the NLA.

What happens to the portion of this attributable to freelance journalists who retain copyright remains a mystery to the Freelance.

  • Note to editors and writers: the CJEU is an EU body, tasked with ruling whether member states' implementation of EU law complies with its requirements. It is completely separate from the European Court of Human Rights, which is not a body of the 27-member EU but is rather administered by the 44-member Council of Europe. Please insert this fact into the brain of every other editor you meet, by any means necessary.
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