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YOUR UNION still needs you to tell us of your experiences with contracts for use of your work and of copyright infringements and plagiarism. Having had issues with getting it online, we have extended the survey. Please go to

Your responses will feed into our responses to a study being conducted by the European Commission and lobbying of UK government. This is why we are particularly keen to have your reports of attempts to impose contracts without negotiation.

Meanwhile the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society has published a summary of a survey of journalists' income that it commissioned from Melanie Ramdarshan-Bold at Loughborough University.

Of 1250 respondents, 49 per cent were the main breadwinners in their household but 77 per cent said they did not earn enough to support themselves. The survey found that "there is a significant lack of transparency about the monetary value freelance journalists receive from any subsequent uses of their work".

Worse, 36 per cent of newspaper freelance journalists and 40 per cent of magazine freelance journalists were not aware whether or not their contracts allowed their publisher to syndicate their work to other publications.

See the ALCSsurvey (PDF: sorry, the TinyURL link in the print edition broke.)

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