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DACS licence request - advice imminent

THE DESIGN and Arts Copyright Society (DACS) distributes income to visual artists (including photographers) for such "secondary uses" as universities photocopying pages of books that feature their work. This includes some photocopying abroad as well as in the UK.

Photographers who've already signed up to the DACS Payback Scheme for 2014 may have received a letter from DACS during the past couple of weeks which asks for "an exclusive licence to negotiate, claim and administer... secondary rights". The NUJ is seeking clarification from DACS. It advises members not sign the new agreement until we have this.

Once the NUJ has a response from DACS, it will forward it to NUJ members via NUJActive email list, but only if they've got your current email. If you're and NUJ member but you're not getting emails from NUJActive, contact Watch this space and the NUJ website for updates and advice.

For more on claiming what's yours by way of "secondary uses" if you're a photographer (via DACS, once the "exclusive licence issue" is resolved) or an author (via ALCS) see here.

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