Photographers: do sign DACS agreement

THE DESIGN and Arts Copyright Society ( distributes income to visual artists - including photographers - for such "secondary uses" as universities photocopying pages of books that feature their work.

This includes some photocopying abroad as well as in the UK.

Photographers who have already signed up to the DACS Payback Scheme for 2014 should have received a letter from DACS sometime this summer which asks for "an exclusive license to negotiate, claim and administer... secondary rights". In July, the NUJ advised members who had received letters from DACS to delay responding to this letter while it raised with DACS some questions about the terms of this year's Payback Scheme.

The NUJ is now satisfied with the answers provided by DACS and is advising members to make claims, and to go ahead and sign the agreement with DACS.

For more on registering to claim your share of royalties revenue from DACS, and also for details of how to claim from ALCS (for authors), see here.

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