Claim money for your photos - in NL and UK

PHOTOGRAPHERS - you can now claim money for secondary rights for work published in the UK and translated into a Dutch edition on sale in the Netherlands. This covers, for example, photocopying in libraries of pages of books that include your photos. This is in addition to money you can claim for secondary rights in the UK.

Details are on the DACS website. Photographers are advised to consider signing up with DACS if you haven't already. The equivalent for authors is ALCS.

Your books turning up in Dutch language editions in libraries in the Netherlands is not as rare as it sounds. The Freelance's assistant editor recalls briefly working at a publishing company in Golders Green that did profusely illustrated "how to" reference books, and only survived by doing "co-editions" published in other languages, Dutch in particular. It was a big enough part of the business that they were having regular headaches over the "Dutch hyphenation" feature of the international edition of then-industry-standard Quark Express.

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