No cash for audio-book lending yet

The British Library's takeover of the Public Lending Right (PLR) system continues. (See here for background.)

After many years of excellent work as PLR Registrar, Dr Jim Parker is sadly having some of his job taken over by Guardian contributor Julia Eccleshare. Dr Jim Parker will eventually be completely replaced by the British Library board. Julia has been appointed to the new part-time role of head of PLR "policy and and advocacy". Older readers may remember the Bonfire of the Quangos at the beginning of the Coalition's reign, of which this rather pointless transfer of power is a part.(It actually turned out to be more of a sort of stir-fry of the quangos.)

The planned extension of PLR to audio-books is not yet in place, and the next PLR disbursements won't include money from lending of audio-books. These monies - micropayments to authors every time one of their books and (eventually) audio-books and ebooks is lent via a public library - will in the fullness of time make their way to authors who've signed up for PLR. So there's another reason to sign up to the PLR scheme to get free money if you've had any books published, via the PLR website.

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