Timely tax warning!

HMRCs oline tax return thing; Matt Salusbury

A glimpse of the HMRC's online tax return thing

THE DEADLINE for paper tax returns has long gone. It's online only from now on. Your return for tax year April 2013-April 2014 return needs to be filed online with HMRC by 31 January. If you haven't already got a log in and password for your online tax filing, contact HMRC now, as they'll need to send you a password by post for you to enter to set up an online account.

Should you fail to file by 31 January, fines starting in three figures are now in most cases automatic. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Possibly worthy of investigation - although this is not an endorsement and it's untested by us - is Simple Tax, which claims to simplify your calculation of income, expenditure and how much tax you are liable for. The service is free to users, they (eventually) make money through recommendations such as, for example, power and phone companies that you could switch to.

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