Where to get help

THE FREELANCE editors are working journalists. Most of the time we're working for clients other than the Freelance. So please don't call us about things for which can get better and faster help elsewhere.

If you're an NUJ member waiting for your Press Card, ring NUJ head office and tell the switchboard you want to talk to the membership department's dedicated staff member working on Press Cards. They can tell you how long it will take to process your application. Have your membership number ready. For enquiries about membership - if, for example, you've sent in your application for membership and you're still waiting to hear whether it's been approved - call the NUJ head office and ask to speak to the membership department - also the people to go to with enquiries about reduced contributions.

There's a full list of contacts for the NUJ nationally, including its membership department, on www.nuj.org.uk - see the contact page via here - note this is a different website to LFB's www.londonfreelance.org

For advice on other freelance issues, including copyright, contact the NUJ Freelance Office or email freelanceoffice@nuj.org.uk and ask John Toner or Pamela Morton. But don't ring them with general enquiries about membership or Press Cards, either, please.

The editors did wonder how people who don't make these distinctions survive in journalism. Then we took a call from a member with a Press Card inquiry - on a direct line number at a client's office, that is never given out to anyone, ever. With research skills like that, this person may go far, though not perhaps in the intended direction.

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