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    So, what are you going to do now?

The words and images on these pages are from the new book Funny Weather by Kate Evans, published by Myriad Editions, and in UK bookshops now priced at £6.99.

“Brilliant - shocking and apt and beautifully drawn... Kate Evans has told the story of climate change in a way that’s accessible, funny and moving.”

“More comprehensive than most weighty scientific tomes, and a good deal funnier.”

“Very well researched... scientifically well informed, and entertaining too.”

Buy the book online at Amazon.com or order it from Myriad Editions (its ISBN is 0954930932).

Check out the Climate Outreach and Information Network for comprehensive links and resources on climate change.

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See more cartoons by Kate Evans at cartoonkate.co.uk and you can email me at kate at cartoonkate dot co dot uk