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National Union of Journalists policy on photomanipulation

The exact wording of the policy passed by the union on 3 October 1996 is:

This ADM instructs the NEC to campaign in collaboration with appropriate organisations for the adoption of a world-wide convention for the marking of photographs which have been digitally manipulated.

To this end, this ADM instructs the NEC to ensure that:

  1. All NUJ publications adopt a "not a camera" symbol, placed discreetly but clearly within the image area, when they run manipulated images;
  2. All members be encouraged through those publications to do the same;
  3. An addition to the Code of Conduct dealing with photomanipulation be drafted for decision at ADM 1997;
  4. Stickers be produced with the NUJ logo and a "genuine photo" symbol for use by members on genuine images.

Most of the work remains to be done. Someone needs to draft a crisp but precise addition to the Code of Conduct. A draft "genuine photo" sticker is being prepared, using the US symbol.

ADM: Annual Delegate Meeting: a gathering of delegates from union branches, and in its own collective eye, the supreme policy-making body of the NUJ. For complex reasons, the next ADM will be in Spring 1988.

NEC: National Executive Committee: the elected committee of working journalists responsible for the administration of the NUJ and for implementing policy and allocating expenditure.

NUJ: The (UK and Ireland) National Union of Journalists.

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