Members’ sign-up for the
Adobe Photographers Directory

Photographers who are NUJ members are entitled to entries in the Adobe Photographers Directory. In case the procedure for doing so is non-obvious, here is a guide.

1Contact the NUJ Freelance Office to get your Authentication code.
This confirms to Adobe that you are entitled to an entry.

2Now go to the web page
and then follow the link near the top right to "Become a member":

Adobe Photographers Directory home page

3Now you can enter your authentication code.
This gets you into the system to start creating your directory entry.

Adobe Photographers Directory new member authentication page

4You will be asked to choose a username and password. When you have done that you can enter your details and (on another screen) preview images:

Adobe Photographers Directory member details page

5 Et voilá!

Adobe Photographers Directory member page

6To change your details later or add more photos: go back to; click the link near the top of the page "Member log in"; and enter the username and password you chose earlier:

Adobe Photographers Directory member login page

Then you see a summary of your information, and you can click the "Edit" links to change it:

Adobe Photographers Directory member login page

7In particular you can change the preview images' descriptions. The link to add more images is at the bottom of the page:

Adobe Photographers Directory preview images page

8Do not forget to go back to your "profile management" page and Log out when you have finished making changes:

Adobe Photographers Directory logout link

9A few members had difficulty with getting their authentication codes to work in the early days. Contact the NUJ Freelance Office if you have a problem with this.

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