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Updated: 19 August 2014

These rates have been reported by members of the National Union of Journalists and others, and printed in the Freelance, newsletter of London Freelance Branch. They are sorted by publisher/publication, then by date (most recent first). TIP: Use the "Find in page" command under your browser's "Edit" menu to be sure of finding all occurrences of a publication/publisher. AND do note the year in which the rate was reported! See also the Freelance Fees Guide, which gives general recommendations. And read the disclaimer and the key to exactly what the entries mean.

^ Shifts / news

Writing and editing work for national newspapers, paid by the day or the hour. Mostly sub-editing: checking and proofreading copy and making it fit the house style and design. (Actual publication/programme names appear before publishers and generic rates. The 'extras' column is irrelevant for subbing shifts.) Completists may want to see the older rates for some publications listed here. See also regional newspapers.

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Publication/Programme - details & terms        Group Year ¤ Basic fee Extras
Africa Report subbing day 2013 EUR 180 O
Asahi Shimbun research half day 2012 GBP 100
Asahi Shimbun research day 2012 GBP 200
Azzaman (Azzaman Arabic Newspapers) research/writing day 2002 GBP 100
Computer Weekly (TechTarget, Inc.) subbing day __misc 2013 GBP 150
Daily Express News subbing 6 hrs _NS 2002 GBP 118
Daily Express Saturday mag subbing day _NS 2002 GBP 130
Daily Express subbing 6am-7pm _UM 1997 GBP 230 -
Daily Mail subbing day (6 hours) _Assoc 2014 GBP 130 XX
Daily Mail editorial assistant day _Assoc 2010 GBP 100
Daily Mail online subbing/writing day _Assoc 2009 GBP 100 GR XXX
Daily Mail subbing _Assoc 2006 GBP 100 XX
Daily Mail research (specialised financial) per day _Assoc 2004 GBP 700 O
Daily Mail foreign reporting day _Assoc 2003 GBP 250
Daily Mail foreign reporting half day _Assoc 2003 GBP 150
Daily Mail online reporting day: all expenses for out of town jobs paid including subsistence and travel _Metro 2014 GBP 400 GR
Daily Mirror news reporting day - Sunday _TMG 2012 GBP 150
Daily Mirror news subbing day _TMG 2006 GBP 132
Daily Mirror Belfast Centre newsdesk Shift 4pm-midnight _TMG 2005 GBP 80 X
Daily Mirror reporting shift _TMG 2004 GBP 100 X
Daily Mirror subbing day _TMG 1997 GBP 175 -
Daily Telegraph sports desk subbing shift - Boxing Day and New Year's Day - no extra on normal rate! _BarcB 2008 GBP 139.05 GR XX
Daily Telegraph City desk subbing day paid time off on top, separate claim required _BarcB 2006 GBP 127.31
Daily Telegraph foreign desk shift _BarcB 2004 GBP 133.90
Daily Telegraph news/foreign desk shift _Holl 2003 GBP 130
Daily Telegraph sports desk shift _Holl 2002 GBP 110
Daily Telegraph subbing day _Holl 2002 GBP 135
Evening Herald (Ireland) subbing, 7:30am to 2:30pm taxed at source _INM 2006 EUR 236 HA O
Evening Standard subbing day _Assoc 1997 GBP 100 - X
Evening Standard Life + Style uploader day _Lebedev 2014 GBP 80 XX
Express on Sunday reporting Saturday night _UM 1998 GBP 140 -
Express subbing day _NS 2009 GBP 138 X
Express newspapers subbing day (six at Broughton) _NS 2013 GBP 128 X
Financial News Subbing day _LFNP 2001 GBP 120
Financial Times Weekend subbing day _Pearson 2002 GBP 150
Financial Times feature writing FBS 2001 GBP 200
Financial Times feature writing per day no all rights demands - and paid rapidly! _Pearson 2000 GBP 200
Greenwich subbing day no holiday pay; not taxed at source 2013 GBP 150
Guardian subbing day, 7 hours _GMG 2013 GBP 180 HA
Guardian IPad uploader 6-hour day _GMG 2013 GBP 72.13
Guardian subbing day (house agreement: 11.7% paid time off, on top) _GMG 2012 GBP 180.24 HA
Guardian edit special, day _GMG 2005 GBP 250
Guardian i-Pad desk _GMG 2014 GBP 100
Herald (Glasgow) subbing day _NQ 2013 GBP 115
Hurriyet (Turkish daily) gathering news and photos per week (OK rate for Turkey) 2007 GBP 200
Independent on Sunday Review subbing, writing and commissioning day PAYE, all rights taken _INM 2006 GBP 135 GR X
Independent on Sunday reporter day/night reporter _Lebedev 2010 GBP 145 GR
Independent on Sunday Review mag subbing day _INM 2006 GBP 133.25
Independent subbing day _INM 2008 GBP 130
Independent subbing day _INM 2008 GBP 120 XX
Independent 8 hour reporting shift day/night taxed at source, taxi fare home after night shift _INM 2008 GBP 138
Independent day subbing advertorial taxed at source _INM 2006 GBP 120 XX
Independent day subbing website _INM 2006 GBP 120 X
Independent sports/features subbing day - agreed minimum _INM 2003 GBP 102.50 HA
Independent news subbing day - late shifts _INM 2003 GBP 112.75
Independent subbing day _INM 2003 GBP 102.50 HA X
International Business Times IBtimes.co.uk subbing day - 7 hrs 2014 GBP 120 X
Irish Daily Mail subbing day _Assoc 2013 EUR 180
Irish Daily Mail reporting day _Assoc 2013 EUR 160
Irish Daily Mail half day court reporting First Irish Serial rights + web _Assoc 2013 EUR 80 GR
Irish Examiner Full day shift _Crosbie 2007 EUR 114.28 HA X
Irish News Belfast reporting shift _Inews 2001 GBP 51.50 GR XX
Irish News Belfast subbing shift _Inews 2001 GBP 55 GR XX
Irish Times day news shift _ITtrust 2007 EUR 280
Irish Times foreign news feature terms not discussed, but they also ran piece on their website _ITtrust 2001 GBP 80 XX
Jewish Chronicle subbing day 2010 GBP 120 X
Lloyd's List subbing day _Informa 2002 GBP 120 X
Mail on Sunday Scottish edition, saturday reporting shift _Assoc 2004 GBP 100 XX
Mail on Sunday reporting day _Assoc 2003 GBP 200
Mail on Sunday reporting Saturday night _Assoc 1998 GBP 140 -
Mail on Sunday Double Saturday shift _Assoc 1998 GBP 300 -
Mail on Sunday 8hrs subbing _Assoc 1998 GBP 141 -
Metro reporting day _Assoc 2011 GBP 120 GR XX
Metro reporting day _Assoc 2011 GBP 120 GR XX
Metro Dublin office reporting shift _Assoc 2005 EUR 160
Metro 8 hour day shift - feature writing, reviewing, sourcing and captioning photographs taxed at source, all reproduction rights across metro editions and online use _Assoc 2004 GBP 60 0 GR XXXX
Morning Star subbing day 2010 GBP 45 GR X
News Letter N Ireland reporting day _Johnsto 2013 GBP 74 XX
News Letter, Belfast subbing, reporting shift _TMG 2001 GBP 55 GR X
News of the World subbing double shift Saturday (10am-8.30pm) hot/buffet lunch provided gratis _NI 2006 GBP 329.80 O
News of the World subbing single shifts (Tuesday-Thursday) _NI 2006 GBP 145.85
News of the World subbing double shift Friday (10.30am-9pm) one and a half hours for lunch _NI 2006 GBP 271.70
News of the World subbing day _NI 2002 GBP 125 X
News of the World Sunday magazine - 4 days a week writing _NI 2002 GBP 115 XX
News of The World weekend subbing 12 hours (taxed at source) _NI 2002 GBP 245 O
News of the World news subbing double-shift (12 hours inclusive of lunch and one-hour evening meal break) _NI 2001 GBP 290
Observer subbing day, 7 hours _GMG 2013 GBP 205
Observer subbing day, 8 hours _GMG 2013 GBP 229
Observer subbing day _GMG 2009 GBP 175
Observer Magazine subbing shift taxed at source _GMG 2004 GBP 155 O
Observer subbing gross amount, taxed at source _GMG 2004 GBP 157
Presseurop subbing day 2013 EUR 133
Racing Post sports desk shift _TMG 2002 GBP 100 X
Radio Times subbing day in 2013 - any update? _Immed 2014 GBP 120 X
Radio Times (Immediate Media) subbing day [typo in rate corrected 08/07/14] _Immed 2013 GBP 120 X
Scotland on Sunday subbing 10am to 6pm with an hour's break _Johnsto 2008 GBP 105 GR X
Scotsman sports subbing shift 4.30pm to 11.30pm with 1/2hr break _Johnsto 2006 GBP 95 X
Scotsman subbing shift 4pm to midnight with one hour's break _Johnsto 2006 GBP 95 X
Scotsman reporting shift, 11am-7pm _BarcB 2005 GBP 80 X
Scottish Daily Mail drawing pages and retouching photos _Assoc 2008 GBP 70 XXX
Sloane Square subbing day no holiday pay; not taxed at source _PubBiz 2013 GBP 150
Sun Sun Online subbing day _NI 2008 GBP 130 GR
Sun days - since September _NI 2006 GBP 100 XXX
Sun news reporting per day, taxed at source _NI 2006 GBP 102.84 XXX
Sun subbing day taxed at source _NI 2006 GBP 162.40
Sun features desk subbing day _NI 2002 GBP 130
Sunday Express night reporting shift _NS 2008 GBP 160
Sunday Express graveyard subbing shift _NS 2008 GBP 160
Sunday Express Saturday news shift _NS 2008 GBP 147
Sunday Express subbing day _UM 1996 GBP 100 - X
Sunday Herald weekday subbing _NQ 2009 GBP 93
Sunday Herald news subbing Saturday _NQ 2009 GBP 112.75 GR
Sunday Herald subbing (Saturday), 11am-7pm/1.30pm-9.30pm/5pm-1am, 1hr break _NQ 2009 GBP 95 GR XXX
Sunday Herald subbing (weekday), 10am-6pm, 1hr break _NQ 2009 GBP 95 GR XXX
Sunday Mirror reporting day _TMG 2011 GBP 150
Sunday Mirror 8hr Saturday reporting shift _TMG 2008 GBP 150
Sunday Mirror subbing day _TMG 2002 GBP 90 XX
Sunday Mirror subbing, 8-10 hrs _TMG 2002 GBP 125 X
Sunday Mirror subbing Saturday _TMG 1999 GBP 120 -
Sunday People reporting day _TMG 2009 GBP 150
Sunday People one shift _TMG 2007 GBP 100 XX
Sunday People reporting Saturday night _TMG 1998 GBP 115 - X
Sunday Telegraph reporting day _BarcB 2006 GBP 130 X
Sunday Telegraph reporting half-day _Holl 1996 GBP 100 -
Sunday Telegraph subbing day _Holl 1996 GBP 125 -
Sunday Times subbing day "but they are paying new staff less" _NI 2014 GBP 176.93
Sunday Times subbing day - rate unchanged for 6 years _NI 2013 GBP 176.60
Sunday Times subbing day for print or revise-editing for website, 8 hours _NI 2013 GBP 174.60 GR
Sunday Times print subbing on regional or national desk; expenses up to £15 for taxis if working in small hours _NI 2012 GBP 174.40
Sunday Times overnight reporting ('day') _NI 2011 GBP 200
Sunday Times subbing shift, national desk, basic, per hour _NI 2007 GBP 20.45 GR
Sunday Times subbing day _NI 2006 GBP 159.75 GR O
Sunday Times two-week investigation _NI 2006 GBP 2500 O
Sunday Times subbing day _NI 2006 GBP 156
Sunday Times subbing, per hour _NI 2002 GBP 18.50
Sunday Times regional news subbing shift _NI 2001 GBP 148 GR
Sunday Times reporting day _NI 2001 GBP 400 O
Sunday Times leisure supplements subbing day _NI 2013 GBP 176.93 X
Sunday Times supplements subbing day (plus holiday pay) _NI 2012 GBP 144 X
The People 8hr Saturday reporting shift _TMG 2008 GBP 100 XXXX
The Scotsman subbing (news) 5pm-1am, one hour break _Johnsto 2009 GBP 95 GR XXX
The Times subbing day _NI 2014 GBP 175
The Times subbing night-shift for print, web and tablets combined - 7 hours 45 mins 1 hour break finishing after midnight; includes £15 supplement over similar-length day shift _NI 2013 GBP 170 GR O
The Times subbing for iPad/tablets, sxpenses up to £15 for taxis if working in small hours _NI 2012 GBP 155.97
Times subbing day for print, web and tablets combined _NI 2013 GBP 155.97
Times Helmand (Afghanistan) embed with armed forces, 10 days, plus exes _NI 2012 GBP 2000
Times sport subbing day - 6 hrs 15 mins with a break _NI 2009 GBP 125.78 GR
Times cricket reporting day (+ measly 27p per mile) _NI 2008 GBP 130
Times features subbing day plus holiday pay when accrued _NI 2006 GBP 140.82 GR
Times picture research day _NI 2005 GBP 127
Times cricket reporting day + exes _NI 2004 GBP 120
Times Magazine subbing shift taxed at source _NI 2004 GBP 133
Times Weekend section subbing day _NI 2002 GBP 130
Times sports desk shift _NI 2002 GBP 130
Times Online reporting day _NI 2007 GBP 130 GR X
Times Saturday Magazine subbing day - agreed by staff association, incremental annual rise due but 'long since run out' _NI 2013 GBP 155.97
You (Mail on Sunday mag) Subbing day _Assoc 1998 GBP 123 -
BBC web producer day _BBC 2008 GBP 250
BBC News Online 10 hour reporting shift _BBC 2003 GBP 140 HA
BBC online reporting shift _BBC 2007 GBP 151
BBC online reporting shift (overnight) _BBC 2007 GBP 205
BBC Panorama day video research web licence _BBC 2007 GBP 75.10 XXX
BBC radio newsroom news writing day (10 hours) - says here £30 holiday pay - _BBC 2012 GBP 180
BBC Radio Newsroom - R2, R3, R4, 6Music news writing day _BBC 2013 GBP 217 GR
BBC website subbing day _BBC 2007 GBP 140
BBC World Service/Radio 4 unspecified day _BBC 2010 GBP 185
Central News Covering court and other legal hearings in London, per day, typically 9.30am to about 5.30pm. No expenses 2011 GBP 60 GR XXXX
Channel 4 News online news shift (8-9 hrs) _C4 2007 GBP 145
Channel 4 News website subbing shift _ITN 2005 GBP 140
Channel 4 news online Writing/reporting shift _C4 2006 GBP 155
CNN.com Writing day 2013 GBP 180 GR
Fleetline news agency 10am - 4pm at coroner's court 2003 GBP 55 XXXX
Guardian online Online batch tagging day - 7 hours _GMG 2014 GBP 100 0 XXX
guardian.co.uk video editing day _GMG 2013 GBP 225 X
IBtimes.co.uk (The International Business Times Inc) subbing day 2013 GBP 125 X
INS news agency reporting shift 2004 GBP 65 GR XXXX
ISF agency shift 2001 GBP 90
ITN News producer / director day _ITN 2010 GBP 322
National newspaper 8-hour subbing day 2009 GBP 180
PA Sport saturday subbing and layout shift 6 hours _PA 2008 GBP 85 XXXX
Press Association subbing _PA 2001 GBP 95
Reuters reporting day _Reuter 2011 GBP 217
Reuters online editing shift _Reuter 2009 GBP 220 O
Reuters web editing/writing day shift - same rate as 2007 _Reuter 2008 GBP 145 GR
Reuters Alertnet writing day, and editing on content management system _Reuter 2007 GBP 145 X
RTE News 8 hour reporting day _RTE 2013 EUR 150 GR
RTE online/teletext shift _RTE 2006 EUR 140.08 GR
Sky News 10-hour producer day _BSkyB 2013 GBP 210 GR
Sky News Online writing, 10 hr day _BSkyB 2009 GBP 150 X
supplements for German papers and magazines (Capital etc.) foreign language subbing (German), per day in-house, 7 hours 2001 GBP 140 GR
Undisclosed client Data Journalist - day _TMG 2014 GBP 275 O

The above are the rates for Shifts / news notified by members up to 19 August 2014.

Key to the rates, by column:
1 Publication/Programme, any details of work and licence
2 Owner at the time the rate was reported, where knownGroup
3 The year in which the rate was reportedYear
4 Currency: either GBP or EUR¤
5 Amount paid for basic licence - e.g. first use in print: Basic fee
6 Paid for extra licences - web use, database resale... (no data pre Jun 2000) ...Extras
7 "Going Rate" according to experienced NUJ members - do try to better it: ......GR
or Minimum rate set out in NUJ House Agreement (more will be made soon): ......HA
8 Underpaid, in the fallible opinion of the Freelance editor:GBP500X
or Just sometimes we're pleasantly surprised:EUR1500300O