Temporary Membership of the National Union of Journalists

Temporary membership of the NUJ is intended for individuals seeking to establish, or re-establish, themselves in freelance journalism. Although you do not need to earn 100% of your income from journalism to qualify for temporary membership, you must not have a full-time occupation other than journalism.

You should enclose evidence of work published (2 or 3 items in the last six to nine months will usually suffice) and cuttings would be ideal. If you are unable to provide cuttings, a list of publications in which your work has appeared, copies of letters of commission or contracts would be helpful. It is unlikely that your application will be considered without some supporting evidence. Please ensure that you complete the part of the form which relates to your income, otherwise your application may be delayed.

The fee for temporary membership is £50 per year. You must enclose a cheque with your application, although this will not be cashed until you are elected to membership. You may renew this membership for a further two years at a similar cost. However you will need to submit a fresh application with evidence each time.

Once your application has been processed by Head Office, it will be forwarded to the local branch for consideration, usually within a week. It is very important, if you are then invited to the branch meeting at which your application is to be considered, that you make every effort to attend. This will ensure that there is no unnecessary delay in electing you to membership.

An application for the National Press Card, together with details of the Union's benefits of membership will be sent to you upon your election. I regret that it is not possible to issue a Press Card prior to your formal election to membership.

If you wish to apply for temporary membership, please complete the form and return it to the Membership Department here at Head Office. [The form mentions "the notes overleaf". That's this.]

Please do not hesitate to contact the Membership Department if we can be of any further assistance.

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